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Welcome to your
villa in Formentera

…in a very unique space…

Shortly after getting off the boat you will enter the protected natural space of “Ses Salines” (Ibiza and Formentera), where the landscape and stillness will surprise you.

Respect and integration with the nature that surrounds us will be the priority for us to offer the clients who visit us.

…a space where you can rediscover the roots and tradition of its inhabitants…

Your villa in Formentera is a traditional construction, where the light of the spaces, the simplicity of the elements and the use of the materials that the earth provides are signs of identity preserved generation after generation.

…where to relive the history of those who sought prosperity on this island…

Cas Saliners is a set of scattered constructions that originally gave shelter to the salt industry, the main livelihood of the island's inhabitants during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Throughout this space you will find machines, utensils and supplies that will transport you to that salt era.

The Salt of Formentera

Behind the crystal-clear waters and endless white sandy beaches of Formentera lies a fascinating history that goes back years.

At first glance, this small Mediterranean island might seem like a natural paradise untouched by time, but, as we delve into its mysteries, we discover that the salt flats of Formentera hold secrets that speak of an ancestral tradition, of the struggle for survival in a challenging environment and of the human ability to take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable way.

Thanks to "La Sal de Formentera", by Carmelo Convalia, you will learn the history of the first organized human activity on this island to extract a natural resource.

…where you will find diversity to choose…

With the passage of time these buildings had very different uses.

Thus, the Carabiners complex refers to buildings that once housed the island's security guards.

The Aviació buildings were once the detachments and barracks of an old seaplane base that landed in S'Estany Pudent.

In the area of ​​Sa Església, it is said that a small chapel was located for the worship of the salt workers.

The villas of Can Armat, Sa Revista, Can Toni Xumeu and Can Paya complete the variety of this space and were, in short, the homes of the salt workers.

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…where to relax on its fine sandy beaches and immerse yourself in crystal clear waters…

A few steps on foot or by bicycle, along trails and paths traced between sand dunes, you will discover the best beaches in the Mediterranean that give the island of Formentera its renown.

…And where to spend an essentially fun vacation!

Do not be misled by the excess of backwater that surrounds you… ...enjoy also the offer of leisure and fun, and the exquisite gastronomy that Formentera offers you.

Immerse yourself in the essence of Formentera.

We are waiting for you.

Postcards from paradise

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